Diagram of a Stratovolcano


Mt. Etna is a stratovolcano. Stratovolcaenos can be found at plate boundaries. Startovolcacoes are sometimes called composite volcanos. They are tall and cone shaped and have several layers of strata (lava, tephra, and volcanic ash). Stratovolcanoes are recognized by steep sides, cone shapes, and frequent eruptions. Mount Etna is formed on a convergent plate boundary, on the African Plate and The Eurasian Plate.

Key Vocabulary

Stratovolcano-type of volcano, cone shaped with steep sides and multiple layers, errupts periodically
erruption-when a volcano becomes active and releases alva and gases
lava-the molten material released when a volcano errupts
vents-holes and spaces where the gases and lava comes out of a volcano